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IVF Acupuncture Support

Acupuncture as a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been successfully used for infertility treatment for over thousands years. Conventional and modern medicine has increased the success of treatment through IVF technology and science.

Combining the two treatments, IVF and Acupuncture could bring about an outcome both treatments strive for.

How does Acupuncture work for IVF patient?

The insertion of fine, single-use, pr-sterlilzed needles into the body at prescript point located along energy pathways that run through our bodies. The pathways are call meridians. Manipulating the needles frees energy "blockages" and restores our energy balance.

After several times IVF Acupuncture treatments can improve:

1. Increase the blood flow to the uterus & ovaries. Special before Implantation of the Embryo. Make a warm and cosey home for your wonder to take place.

2. Increase the thickness of the uterus lining to reduce chance of miscarriage.

3. Increase the hormone secretion to increase the eggs quality and quantity.

4. Reduce side-effect of IVF treatment, such as: the excess fluids in the body, night sweats, irritable, hot flushes.

5. Relieving stress from the IVF treatment, it is important to lead you achieving successful pregnancy.

How to maximize IVF Acupuncture benefits?

We are very proud of our Tailored Programmes.

An individual treatment plan will be designed following a fully Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation by Jenny Li.

You will be told:

* When IVF Acupuncture treatment take place and how minimum times you need.

* Should the Moxibustion Treatment use in your treatment ? When should use it?

* A special Chinese Herbal Medicine will be used for external treatment between your IVF Acupuncture treatment.

* What you should do or not do for the best outcome?


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