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IVF Chinese Herbal Medicine Support

Chinese Herbal Medicine along with Acupuncture has always been available to treat people has fertility problem. This combined treatment has helped millions of people to become very happy parents. It's a proven effective and successful strategy.

IVF plus Chinese Herbal Medicine support is a natural treatment for infertility. Chinese Medicine complements IVF for hormone Manifestation and increases the rate of success for embryo implantation. This dual to approach offers you a greater chance of becoming pregnant and achieving full term delivery.

It's safe, natural, non-invasive, no side-effect combine with IVF, IUI, ICSI, and proven very effective in our clinical trials.

How do I know Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment for me is necessary?

1. Have you transfer embryo today?
Chinese Herbal Medicine strong support you prevent miscarriage, such as: Low back pain, uterine bleeding.

2. Although I have quality of egg, but still under gone more than two IVF cycles without success.
Have you consider you body is ready for IVF treatment? Special your uterus is warm and cosey enough for the embryo?

3. Diagnosed with poor egg quality?
If you are over 35 years old. Your eggs quality tends to decline . Build your body's basic foundation become very important. So we recommend the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine support for all women over 35 years of ago.

4. FSH levels too high to have a quality of egg?
Herbal treatment can increase the blood supply around ovaries. Reduce FSH level. So fully ripened high-quality eggs can be produced.

5. Diagnosed with "Unexplained Infertility"?
Chinese Herbal Medicine create lasting positive change to your health by treating the cause of disease. The root cause of disease is diagnosed by examining the pulse and tongue. That is used to treat a wide range of external an internal problems without having adverse effect on other area of you health. Why don't you talk to Jenny about your worries? She will be very happy to assist you solve the problem.

How does Chinese Herbal Medicine take place?

We are very proud of our Tailored Programs.
An individual treatment plan will be designed following a fully Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation by Jenny Li.
An herbal formula tailored for you that targets the cause of the symptoms.


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